Altstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Regierungsbezirk Darmstadt, Hesse, 60311, Germany
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Old St. Nicholas church (Q436054)

The Old St Nicholas Church (in German: Alte Nikolaikirche) in Frankfurt, Germany, is a medieval Lutheran church. It is located near the Römer city hall in Frankfurt's old town called Altstadt. It has 51 bells; 4 are used for peals and 47 are used for carillons. The first chapel on its site was built in the mid-12th century, the current in the mid-15th. Its congregation forms part of today's Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau, comprising Lutheran, Reformed and United Protestant congregations.

Dom-Römer Project (Q1236497)

The Dom-Römer Project (German: Dom-Römer-Projekt) is an effort to remake the old city center, the Altstadt (old town) of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which was severely damaged during World War II, in the style of the pre-war architecture.

DZ Bank (Q524424)

DZ Bank AG is the second largest bank in Germany by asset size and the central institution for more than 900 co-operative banks and their 12,000 branch offices. Within the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Co-operative financial network, which is one of Germany's largest private sector financial service organisations, DZ Bank functions both as a central institution and as a corporate and investment bank.

Bethmann Bank (Q1184020)

Bethmann Bank AG is a German private bank headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. It is a subsidiary of the Dutch ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and was the product of a merger between the historical German banks Delbrück, Bethmann and Maffei under the umbrella of the renowned Dutch ABN AMRO Bank. LGT Bank Deutschland joined this group in 2011. Bethmann Bank acquired the German private banking activities of Credit Suisse in December 2013. The acquisition positions Bethmann Bank, ABN AMRO’s private bank in Germany, as the third largest private bank in Germany.